About Old Stone Orchard

33 Cole Brook Rd., Little Compton, RI 02837


The owner of Old Stone Orchard, Warren Wetzel, set up the orchard as a high density orchard in 1988. That means that the apple trees are incredibly close together, and it allows him to plant more trees per acre than a traditional orchard.

He first started selling apples to commercial vendors in 1990. He then opened the orchard to the public for picking in 1992. We’ve been here ever since with 13 varieties of apples and 5 different varieties of pumpkins depending on the year!

We’re generally open September to mid-November, or until the first frost.

You may be wondering what else we have besides apples and pumpkins! Good thing you asked!

This year we have goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and our wandering mascot “Diesel” our beagle who turns 13 years old this September. If you’ve been here before, this all sounds familiar to you.  This year we have a new addition to the orchard a field of  sunflowers! It’s a stunning sight.  We sell individual sunflowers in our stand, so you don’t want to miss  coming this year!  People tend to forget because the season goes by so fast,  we also have pears! We have three varieties, Bartlett’s, Boscs, and Anjou,  you can learn more about them on our Apple page!